Minimum space Maximum living

conceived by Sofia de Meyer,a young woman from Vilars,Switzerland offers tourists a chance to spend some time high in the Alps with theirs own tend,baptised the Whitepod.these are small geodesic domes built of golvabised steel and made to withstand winds up to 200 kilometres per hour.they are clad in waterproof cotton,and although they have no running water,or electricity,they are well heated by a small woodburning surface.2.6 metres high they offer an interior floor space of 20 square metres with a perspex window 1.5 by 4.3 metres in size.though the original location of this enterprise is near Vilars,it's obviously the kind of system that can easily be placed anywhere in the spectacular natural maountain environment. Minimum space Maximum living Philip Jadidio
جمع آوری توسط م. کلانی

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