Embassy of Sweden_Tokyo

purpose. Situated in an area with lots of parks and museums, the land this building is on has strict shadow-casting laws associated with it. The building - by Michael Granit - has been designed with a slanted roof Whilst perhaps not as immediately striking in design as the others in this article, I find the design of the Embassy of Sweden’s building particularly interesting as it serves an actual with the purpose of minimising the amount of shadow it casts on the surrounding area and slopes from 8 stories at one end to 3 stories on the opposite end.

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negar.Y said...

samira jan salam;
mishe kami bishtar darbareye memarie Irani ham benevisi?
ye pishnahade dige: sarfasl haye dars haye memari ro too daneshgah haye motabare donya jam avari kon! jaleb mishe;) aslan mitooni bazi daneshgah ha ro moarefi koni;)